Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Those Poor Bastards: The Many Deaths (and names) of Giovanni Lombardo Radice and Maria Angela Giordano

These two have been consistently subjected to some of the nastiest onscreen deaths in the history of Italian horror cinema! Here's a compilation of my fave death scenes.

*Maria Angela Giordano* aka Mariangela Giordano aka Maria Angela Giordan aka Mary Jordan aka Marian Dana
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MALABIMBA THE MALICIOUS WHORE - She gets a hand rammed up her vagina, then throws herself off a roof.
GIALLO A VENEZIA - She gets strapped to a table and has her leg sawed off. She is repeatedly slapped until she regains consciousness, and subjected to further torture.
PATRICK VIVE ANCORA - A firepoker goes in her vagina and comes out her mouth!
BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHTS OF TERROR - Her son bites off her nipple.
THE SECT - She is stabbed to death in the back of a semi by a horny trucker.

*Giovanni Lombardo Radice* aka John Morghen
(middle shot is borrowed, I didnt bother to take more!)
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CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD - He gets a drill through the head, temple to temple.
HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK - Slashed by his friend.
CANNIBAL FEROX - His wiener gets lopped off and eaten by savages.
STAGEFRIGHT - Is mistakenly axed in the chest by friends.
THE SECT - Shoots self in head.
He also appears in The Church and Body Puzzle.

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