Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Possession Week!

So bring the kids on down! We got demons and devils and Exorcist rip-offs in spades!
I've decided it might be more convenient to start grouping reviews by sub-subgenre, gialli included (though that would make it by sub-sub-subgenre!) I've already posted reviews for The Night Child, Shock, Tragic Ceremony, Witchery, The Other Hell, Amok Train (if a possessed train counts!), and Don't Look in the Attic, and still have so many more to do. I won't post The House of Exorcism, as it's really only Lisa and the Devil with some crudely inserted footage of Elke Sommer going Linda Blair. Sadly, this extra footage added nothing to the movie, and ended up making it an incomprehensible mess. Don't worry though, Lisa and the Devil will be up here shortly!

The Night Child
Tragic Ceremony
The Other Hell
Amok Train
Don't Look In The Attic

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